Miho’s Commissions: Open

Hello friends~ I’ve decided to take commissions again! If you would like to see more examples of my work, please check out my instagram. Thank you so much 🙂

If you are not interested in a commission but would like to support me in other ways, I have a ko-fi page for $3 donations.

If you are interested in a commission, please email me and include the following: [ my email: msh616@gmail.com ]

Your Name:

What you would like drawn (See pricing below):

Any other description of the drawing: (For example you can specify the pose, outfit, hairstyle, expression etc if you want!)

Photo reference image link/attachment:

Have you read and agreed to the fee and work schedule? (See Notes below)

  1. Portrait/Bust (colored) – $35+ (COUPLES: $75)
  2. Full body (colored) – $50+ (COUPLES: $80)
  3. Full body Sketch – $35+
  4. Chibi Full body (colored) – $30+

Simple Background addition: $10+ (Pattern or some kind of simple design)

+Base price may increase depending on complexity

I accept payment through paypal only.
50% of the cost needs to paid upfront before I begin the commission.
The remaining 50% needs to be paid when the commission is finished.

Fee and Work Schedule

Upon receipt of 50% of the total fee, the artist will provide a sketch for the overall pose, expression and feeling of the piece. The client may request modifications of the sketch at this stage up to 2 times. Please note details such as clothing accuracy and hairstyle as these are more difficult to change later on in the process and take extra time. Additional changes may require renegotiation of the time frame and fee.

When the sketch has been approved by the client, work will begin on the final artwork. Progress updates will be provided at two intervals: completion of the lineart and work in progress of the coloring stage. The client may request small changes at these points however a major change (redrawing most of the artwork) may require renegotiation of the time frame and fee.

When work on the final artwork is complete a low resolution version will be e-mailed/discord to the client for final approval. The client may request 1 round of small changes, any major change may require renegotiation of the time frame and fee. By giving final approval the Client is agreeing that the work is complete and the final payment of 50% the total fee is due. Once the price is paid in full the artwork will be provided in the form of a high resolution .JPG file e-mailed to the client.

Upon receipt of the final print the client is authorized to make use of the artwork for any non-commercial display purposes. Ownership of the copyright as well as the right to use the artwork for promotional purposes remains with the artist.

If at any point the client chooses to cancel the contract they forfeit the work done so far and any payments already made are non-refundable. If at any point the client has failed to respond to sketches or status updates provided for a period of longer than one month this contract will be rendered void and further work will require renegotiation.

Please send all commission requests to: msh616@gmail.com with subject: Commission Request

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